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Originally Published May 29, 2021.

How to set a default product image on Shopify

Are you struggling to keep your chosen image as the default thumbnail? That’s probably because Shopify automatically chooses a default product image for your item rather than sticking to the first thumbnail. 

How to choose a default product image

When you’re on the admin page, the default product image is the one that appears larger than the others. When you add more images, the largest picture will show as the main image for your item. 

If you want to change this, you can drag another image from your selection into its place. Likewise, you can sort the other images by dragging them around. Lastly, click on Save to confirm the changes. 

If you’re experiencing trouble with some of your products, it could be due to the theme you’re using. Get in touch with the developers of the particular theme for additional information and troubleshooting. 

If this doesn’t help either, you can get in touch with the Shopify Support team, and they’ll help you figure out the problem and its possible solution. 

How to replace thumbnails

If you add a 3D model or video to your item page, Shopify will automatically make thumbnails for them. However, you can replace them with your preferred images. 

  • Go to Products from your admin page and select All Products 
  • Choose the item you want to change 
  • Click on Media and select the video or 3D model you want to replace 
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the top-right corner and select Replace Thumbnail
  • Select your image from the source 
  • After adding the image, click on

Now, you’ll see the image of your choice as the thumbnail rather than the video or the 3D model. You can select a product image or a screenshot of the video, depending on your preference.