How to send an email automatically when customers sign up for a newsletter

How to send an email automatically when customers sign up for a newsletter

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If you are running an ecommerce business, website, or even a blog, you might want to send a newsletter to your existing and potential clientele periodically. And for good reasons. Sending a well-written and visually appealing newsletter to your customers frequently doesn’t not only promote your brand but also lets people know about your latest offerings and what is happening about your business. It helps you stay in touch with your target market, gets them to your e-commerce platform or website, generates leads, and increases conversions.

However, the real challenge lies not in creating the newsletter, but in being consistent with this strategy. This is because starting a newsletter is often technical and time-consuming. If you can be able to send an email automatically when customers sign up for a newsletter, your burden can get reduced. This article talks about the same; automating the newsletter sharing with the customers when they sign up for your newsletter.

Where to Start?

When a person signs up for your email marketing, it’s a chance to make a positive first impression. You must send them a welcome email to introduce your brand, say thank you, and/or offer a special discount or promotion. Tools like Mailchimp offer an automation feature that can be used to ensure new subscribers get a welcome email.

But do you have your email list?

Creating and updating your email list is the key step towards automating tour newsletter sending.  The email list is mainly a contact list of all your subscribers. It is like a contact book having email addresses of your e-commerce platform or website’s users who have signed up to get your email newsletter.

To keep this huge volume of contacts organized, you must maintain and update your email list.

Subscription Mechanism

Your e-commerce platform or website must be able to offer your visitors an option to subscribe to your newsletter, once they sign up. You can use various apps for the same purpose. For instance, the Shopify app store offers an app that automatically sends a newsletter to the customer as soon as they sign up. Other applications like Klaviyo, Automated Email, and Smartr Email Marketing, offer the same feature.  

Include Discount Code

No matter whether you use your custom-application or any third-party app like those mentioned above, you should consider offering some promo to the customers signing up; i.e., offer them a discount code upon signing up. This is important to make the most of your newsletter campaign. 


Maintain Database

Starting an automated newsletter campaign also helps to develop the customer database that gives you valuable insights for your future strategies and campaigns and devising your products, services, and upgrades. 

The apps used for email/newsletter automation are usually accompanied by the database kits, a functionality that automatically imports the customers’ names who sign up for your website or e-commerce platform. This database of your target audience can further be used in the future for upcoming marketing and advertising campaigns on social media.


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