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Originally Published August 25, 2021.

How to easily remove the vendor name from product pages in the Shopify Minimal theme

Depending on the theme you’re using, the vendor name may be displayed next to the product on the product description page. Therefore, when a customer clicks on the product image, they will be directed to the product description page, where they’ll also see the vendor name. 

Many shop owners have reservations about displaying the vendor name alongside the product because they do not want to show the customers where they get their products from. 

If you can relate, you might be looking for an easy method to hide the vendor name in product collections and pages. 

Is there a way to remove the vendor name? Let’s explore the options. 

How to remove the vendor name from product pages

Removing the vendor name from the product pages on your Shopify store is a bit tricky, considering that you have to do it individually for each page.

Here are the steps: 

  • Open up your Shopify Admin 
  • Navigate to Online Store > Theme > Customize

  • From the top dropdown, change the view to “Product” then Select Product Pages 

  • Uncheck the box titled ‘Show Product Vendor’ 

However, if this option isn’t visible in your version e.g an older version then here are the steps to remove the vendor name from a certain product in your Shopify store running Minimal theme:

Firstly, always take a backup of your theme.

You can use the below method to remove the vendor name in the Minimal theme via the code. 

  • Open up your Shopify Admin 
  • Navigate to Online Store > Theme > Actions > Edit Code

  • In ‘edit code,’ go to the Sections folder 
  • Then, go to product-template.liquid 

  • Search for the word ‘vendor’ in this template to find the below piece of code: 

{% if section.settings.product_vendor_enable %}

  • Comment it out like below by surrounding the text with the comment tag:

        {% if section.settings.product_vendor_enable %}
          {% comment %} <span class="h3" itemprop="brand">{{ product.vendor }}</span> {% endcomment %}
        {% endif %}


Doing this will hide the vendor name next to the product.

If you’re still unable to do it, get in touch with your theme’s developers or hire a Shopify expert to help you find your way out of this problem.