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How to offer free shipping easily & simply on your Shopify store in less than 5 steps

Shopify free shipping
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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

How to offer free shipping easily & simply on your Shopify store

Free shipping is an excellent way to boost your Shopify store’s sales. It’s one of the best marketing tools for any online store and motivates customers to purchase from your store over others. Amazon’s Prime membership is a great example for this, one that keeps on top.

If you’re looking for a key incentive to win customers over and get them purchasing from your online store, free shipping is one way to do this. If a customer knows they can get free shipping with your brand and store, they’re most certainly likely to return for future purchases.

How do I easily offer free shipping?

Luckily, Shopify does have a built-in functionality that allows Shopify merchants to offer free shipping to their customers. When setting up or owning an online store, shipping costs are an important part of every business that have to be factored in. You’ll need to ensure that by offering free shipping for your customers, your business can withstand the cost.

A quick guide about free shipping

1. As a Shopify merchant, you need to work out whether offering free shipping to your customers is worth it. A/B testing is a good way of doing this; you can test if your orders increase with free shipping applied

2. Should you set a limit for free shipping? Is there a minimum order value before free shipping is applied?

3. Free shipping might only be applied to certain products or combination of products to ensure its profitable

4. Raising your product pricing to ensure it covers your shipping costs

It’s always a good idea to set the minimum amount higher than your average order value when applying free shipping.

Planning your free shipping marketing

Ensure you look at what you’re currently paying for shipping. It’s good to get an accurate idea of the shipping costs and average them out amongst your orders to give an idea of how much free shipping will cost you, known as ‘average shipping cost.’

It’s a good idea to offer free shipping to your customers at a certain price point. This should be higher than your average order value, to get customers to spend more on your online store.

Offer free shipping across all orders. This will help to increase your conversion rate and those customers that aren’t sure about purchasing, won’t be put off by any shipping costs. It seems to be that most consumers expect free shipping nowadays.

Gather information on your most-purchased products and look at the prices of these. Try to set the free shipping threshold just over this price, to incentivise consumers to buy more than one product. You could even try offering an upsell product to get them over the line into free shipping. The upsell Shopify app, SellUp, is great for this. You can find more information about SellUp here.

You’ll need to advise which countries are included in the free shipping. If you ship worldwide, you might want to offer different shipping rates and tiers, depending on the country.

Setting up shipping zones in Shopify

free shipping rates

Shopify shipping zones can easily be setup using the Shopify admin. These determine where your store will and can ship too, and how much you charge for shipping depending on the shipping zone. You can setup shipping zones so that each zone has a price and weight rule that is automatically applied when a consumer enters their shipping address.

Make offering free shipping easy

After creating your free shipping marketing plan, your sales should increase and average order value increase even more. Hopefully, it’ll earn you a little more money per sale.

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