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How to have a high converting cart page on your Shopify Store

How to have a high converting cart page.
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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

How to ensure your Shopify store has a high converting cart page.

What is a high converting cart page? A high converting cart page shouldn’t distract from the customer journey. Its a page where customers land prior to checking out. Whilst some stores have done away with this, there is still an argument that having the page is a great part of the customer journey.

Why should a cart page be high converting? If a cart page is cluttered or confusing, it can lead to a drop-off in the sales process. Further to this, if it doesn’t fulfil the customers need it can also be damaging. A clear, concise flow with a key call to action and perhaps some last minute upsells are great factors.

How can I have a high converting cart page?
How to have a high converting cart page.The cart page is one of the most important pages on a customers journey from adding to cart through to checkout.

First off, if your store doesn’t have clear shipping rules, you need the ability for the customer to see these here. Failure to do so will lead to a drop off on the checkout. By being upfront here, you can easily catch potential drop off rate and take steps to improve it. Free Shipping is the best if you can offer it as the customer will not be dropping off due to delivery.

If your store is new, you need to build authority likely as customers wont have heard of you. We suggest adding trust seals near the checkout button to show trust and security. You can achieve this with Kartify: https://www.launchtip.com/knowledge-base/how-to-display-secure-badges-trust-seals-on-shopify

Your checkout button should be nice and bold. Ideally green to show a positive call to action.

Show dynamic checkout buttons for easy payment methods such as Apple Pay and PayPal. It will increase the chance for customers checking out.

Any upsells should be clear and concise. Think of a checkout at a supermarket? Its usually gum, sweets, mints and so on. They appeal to a large demographic.
The power of a clear checkout button. Use a bright, bold checkout button. Ideally green.
Most themes give you the ability to change the checkout button colour. If they don’t, you will need to use CSS.

For example, on the venture theme, the following code will work:

.template-cart button[name=’checkout’] { background:#61B329;}

You would paste this in assets/theme.scss.css

For other themes, it may be the same. If not, you need to open inspector on your favourite browser, select the checkout button and locate the name of the class. This guide will help.

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