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How to get a floating widget for your Shopify Store

When building simple user interfaces for your customers, designing buttons with care is key, particularly in the sense of e-commerce, where poorly designed buttons will result in losing sales. Call-to-action buttons allow merchants to drive visitor involvement or perform a specific activity for specific items, such as building an account or accessing information.

You can add unlimited widgets to your store with a widget app. It helps you to install your store’s banners, offers, promotions, photographs, polls and insert some widgets. The widgets are floating on-page. You can adjust the settings of the widgets, location, height, close them, add a pause before they open. You may also limit widgets to pages that are unique. There are several other features to the app.

In this blog, I’ll let you know how to build a feature that you can use on a landing page with a call-to-action button.

Floating Widgets

Besides good-quality and high-reliability products, visitors to your website expect a fun viewing experience. They want ease and comfort and they never want anything to be compelled to do; they want the freedom to take decisions within their own pace and time. This is where there are very useful floating call-to-action widgets. 

You need plugins to help you design your pages with the user interface, preference, and interaction in mind that allow users to access your pages without feeling intruded on.

The Benefits of Floating Widgets

1. Shopify floating widgets are user-directed.

You’re not telling the users; you’re suggesting to them what to do instead. Pop-ups, for instance, are irritating because it’s shown that because of constant pop-ups, users leave. Thus, you want to pick the modal pop-up that sits on the page’s corner button. Furthermore, until you give it a click, it does not pop up. This ensures that the guests are less intrusive to you.

2. They help avoid clutter

Messy websites label user interface down. Messy websites label user interface down. This adds to poor communication with customers. In certain cases, you can definitely avoid clutter, such as using your sidebar or your footer to show your sales, reviews, e-mail opt-ins, new products and collections, FAQs, and website chats such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Drift. However, wherever they are on the page, you want these types to be available to your guests. The alternative is to use the buttons of a floating widget that you can tuck in on either side. The widget option is one of the plugins that make floating call-to-action buttons on the websites.


Aero • Chat & Menu

You can add Aero’s floating Sales Assistant menu to your store to make your customers purchase more smartly. Multiple Chat apps can be merged, links to items, collections, and pages that you want to support can be developed. On product pages, to maximize shopping engagement, the widget will add a handy Add to Cart action icon.

· Chat

Chat networks, including Messenger, WhatsApp, Drift, and Slack, are incorporated. Without the need for several floating buttons across the place, have a compact interface in your store.

· Promote

Promote, by displaying them in Aero, important new items and collections. Got a Deal on Black Friday? Linking to it. Sale for New Year? Linking to it. Any sales at all? Linking to it.

· Conversions

Aero will deploy a convenient floating Add to Cart icon on product pages. This subliminally displays the icon, making it visible and more likely to be pressed on the online store!

· Minimize Customer Support

When customers can’t find what they need using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and so forth, they prefer to call customer support. This makes answers to questions even more recognizable by inserting relevant pages such as the FAQ to Aero. As a consequence, you will reduce emails and tickets for customer support.


·        Links to Collections, Items, Pages, Forums, and More…

·        Smart Add to Cart on Store Pages

·        Integrates Messenger, WhatsApp, Float, and Slack with Chat

·        Customizable and Versatile

·        Smartphone Friendly



Just have the Aero App installed and that’s it. Compatible for whatever style! Check out the documents or drop us a query for help if you have any problems.

Why Aero?

Like a sales assistant providing helpful connections and acts, Aero can support the clients. Aero is lightweight and is, with this amount of flexibility, the only floating widget on Shopify.

There are quite ways to ensure user interaction on the websites, and one of them is to use floating widgets. Having the widgets float over the page makes them capable of taking the actions of the users at any moment. In addition, you can keep the pages clutter-free and user-friendly with the assistance of plugins, such as the Aero with Pop-up and Sliding Widgets.