How Best to Find Tagging Options & Shop on Instagram

How Best to Find Tagging Options & Shop on Instagram

How best to find tagging options & shop on Instagram

If you run a Shopify store, you must know that you can also set up an Instagram shop. However, sometimes, even if you are approved to sell on Instagram, you might not see the option for tagging and setting up a shop. 

In this guide, we discuss a few troubleshooting tips for this problem. 

Finding tagging options and shop on Instagram 

If you’re approved to sell on Instagram but still can’t see your account, here are a few things that might be wrong. 

Business Account 

Keep in mind that you can only set up a shop on Instagram if you have a Business Account. If your account is not Business, here’s how to change the settings: 

  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your page 
  • Go to Settings and tap on Account 
  • Select Switch to Professional Account
  • Select Business 
  • You can also connect your Instagram business page to your Facebook account in this step. Doing this is important if you want to sell products through Shopify 
  • After that, you can add other details like contact information, business category, etc 
  • Tap Done 

Join Facebook page 

As discussed above, you must connect your Instagram account to the Facebook business page. Plus, make sure that all products you want to sell on Instagram are available on your Instagram and Facebook. 

Choose Catalog

After this, you can go to Settings in Instagram and tap Shopping. Here, you can choose the catalog you’d like to tag from. 

If you’ve checked all these things and there’s no problem with the setup, you should contact Instagram support or report a problem through your account. The support team will check your account and solve any issues that might be restricting you from creating a shop.


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