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How to simply & completely customize the order status / “thank you” page on Shopify in 3 methods

If you’re looking to change the options and show messages to suit your customers’ needs, then you’ll need to edit the order status page.

Let customers opt-in to order updates

Depending on the information your customers enter at the time of checkout, will depend on how they receive order updates. Customers can still provide extra information after they’ve placed an order if the correct button from Admin has been enabled.

Once enable, customers can add their email address or phone number to the order status page.

How do I enable order updates for customers?

  1. Navigate to your Shopify Admin and select Settings > Checkout
  2. Find Customer contact and select Additional contact method
  3. Select Save

Update order status page

Translating the order status page

Shopify allows you to translate your theme language in your store. If you have already done this, then more than likely your order status page is in your chosen language.

If you want to alter your notifications individually, you can do this too. For example, the first line on the order status page is ‘Thank you, David’. You may want to change this to ‘Thanks David’.

If you want to change the wording used across your store, you can find the order status fields under the Checkout and system tab.

Adding additional scripts to Shopify store

To do this, you’ll need knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Liquid.

You can use the Additional scripts box to insert code into the template used for your order status page. Any of the following can be added:

  • HTML code – any valid HTML5 code
  • Liquid code – you have access to checkout and shop Liquid objects. Find out more about these by referring The checkout object and The shop object
  • Tracking scripts – these can be added to track referrals, ROI and conversions

These are a few examples of customizations using additional scripts:

  • Adding conversion tracking to order status page
  • When a particular shipping method is used, show certain content
  • When a particular product is ordered, show certain content
  • Depending on the customer’s locations, show certain content
  • Using a JavaScript object, add a custom message to the order status page

How do I access additional scripts on Shopify?

  1. Navigate to Shopify Admin and select Settings > Checkout
  2. Find Order processing
  3. Find the Additional scripts section

Additional script - order status page

Looking to edit the checkout.liquid file?

You’ll need Shopify Plus to access the checkout.liquid file. This gives you total and full control over your checkout process.