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What are product sets, bundles and kits?

Have you ever thought about grouping some of your store’s products into one product? If you have numerous products in your Shopify store, you’ll want to create as many selling opportunities as possible. Perhaps you want to offer discounts on certain products or you want to group two or three products into one set.

There are many advantages to grouping multiple products into sets, bundles and kits with not many disadvantages, if any, at all.


What is the difference between product sets, bundles and kits? Quick answer, not a lot really.

They are all interchangeable terms to achieve the same thing. If you were to attempt to differentiate them at all:

  • Product Sets: These would probably apply to products of a similar type like a full cutlery set.
  • Bundles: These could be a category of products like a kitchen set e.g placements, table cloth, candle holders. A “complete the look” type.
  • Kits: These are very much accessory based. You could have a waterproof kit for an Action camera that would consist of certain products.

Confused? Don’t be. Let’s keep it simple. You want a way to bundle more products together so you can sell more right? Increase the Average Order Value and so on.


Advantages to product sets

Creating product sets allow you to create opportunities to sell more products in a single transaction. That’s it. It allows you to increase Average Order Value or “AOV” which means you can spend more to acquire a customer. This then opens a lot of doors in being able to grow and scale your Shopify store.

Disadvantages? Next to none. The only aspect that could come in to play is inventory management and the initial work to create the sets, photography and so on.


How to combine multiple products into sets on Shopify

Below we look at three ways this can be achieved.

1. Manually grouping two or more products into one “set” product

In your Shopify store, you may have two or more products that you’d like to combine into one product set. An easy way to achieve this is to add your combined product set into your Shopify store as one product, giving it a separate SKU. When one of these sells on your store, you’ll be able to know it’s a set rather than singular product because of the SKU that relates to it.

Shopify Product Set


If you need to manage inventory then you will need an inventory App to do this. This will allow you to set a rule that when you sell either a single sku or the new set, it reduces the inventory count of the master. This prevents you from overselling. If you don’t have to worry about inventory then even better!

2. Use variations on a Product

Another tactic used by Merchants is to use the inbuilt variants Shopify offers to create Product Bundles. Similar to first method but instead of creating just a single bundle/set, we offer the ability to choose a particular set option using variants.

For example, you could have a Standard Knife set. The you could add a variant type called Make it a set? Your Knife Set could be “Knife Set Only” for your first variant. Another variant could be “Knife + Fork Set”. A final variant could be “Full Cutlery Set: Knives + Forks+ Spoons Set”. You get to assign a separate image to each variant as well as a price and inventory level.

Again, the only aspect to worry about is inventory management similar to the first method we looked at.

Shopify Product Sets

3. Use an app to bundle your other products

Yes, you have guessed it. Whilst Shopify is a great product out the box, when merchants find themselves looking to dig deeper, Apps are the strongest, easiest and often highest ROI method to instantly achieve the functionality you are after.

Combining your products on the product page beneath the original Add to Cart button is a great way to upsell a bundle. If you have a set of golf balls for example, you could also compliment this with a golf tee product. They are related because they are both associated with golf and you need golf balls to put on tee’s! You can do this by displaying product bundles directly on the product page.

One Check Upsells

Create Add On Options With SellUp

SellUp is a Shopify app that lets you create upsells for your products on your Shopify store. The app can be easily found in the Shopify App store and can be installed simply on your store. You can set up SellUp to show on your product pages under the Add to cart button. This puts it right in the eyeline of the shopper on your site, encouraging them to select the product that is being upsold.

Create Add Ons on Shopify

It’s another easy way to increase the sales of your products. You can also use Action offers which put an offer right in front of the customer after they have added a product to their cart. These convert extremely well when setup with products that relate.

It is also a great app to help create a “Shop the look” experience right on the product page.

Product Sets using SellUp