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It’s important to learn about customer preferences if you want to offer a subscription plan. For instance, you might want to know if customers would be more delighted about the idea of getting 10% off or free shipping. 

For that, you might want to add a questionnaire before checkout. Let’s explore if Shopify has an option for doing this. 

How to add a survey/questionnaire pre or post checkout

There are 2 main points to add a survey, before and after checkout. We advise offering it after the customer has checked out but you can offer it before the checkout to gather intel on why a customer may not be completing checkout today.

Adding a questionnaire pre-checkout 

At the moment, you cannot add a questionnaire or survey at the checkout page using built-in Shopify technology. Since the process requires custom coding, you might want to hire Shopify experts for it. 

Alternatively, you can use the following apps to build a questionnaire into your store. 



The app lets you hold surveys in your Shopify stores. It gets more responses than standard surveys because you get to use A/B-tested subject lines for the emails. 

Plus, you can translate the survey to multiple languages, including Croatian, Italian, German, French, and Russian, to make it easier for the customers. 

The app also sends you automatically-created reports to explain customer behavior. 

POWR Survey & Feedback Forms


With 20 fields in the survey, the app lets you collect feedback from the customers on your Shopify POS and the store. The POWR dashboard integrates with Google Sheets, so it lets you track poll data and feedback easily. 

You can also customize the survey with emoji feedback, colors, and custom fonts. 

For post purchase

Enquire Post Purchase Survey


The app boasts 50% completion rates, ensuring that nearly half of your customers will fill the surveys. You can learn a lot about your customers through this app. 

For instance, you can ask where they learned about your store or how their shopping experience was. Later, you can use this information to target certain customer segments and boost revenue.