How to Best Add Pickup or Delivery Options at Checkout

How to Best Add Pickup or Delivery Options at Checkout

How to best add pickup or delivery options at checkout

Depending on the kind of store you run, you might want to add pickup or delivery options for your products. Thus, the customers will have a choice to select between delivery, which will cost a certain fee, or to pick up the item themselves from your physical store or location. 

You can offer this functionality in your Shopify store in two ways. 

Adding pickup or delivery options 

Since Shopify does not have a section for you to choose pickup as an option, you can add weight-based manual shipping rates in your Shopify admin. 

Keep the shipping price for pickups as $0 and the cost for delivery at whatever you want to charge as the shipping fee. However, this will not stop customers from faraway areas – too distant for pickups – to place an order on your site. 

But you can later get in touch with them and inform them that you cannot offer pickup at such a far distance. If they want, you can then refund their orders or change the delivery option. 

Using an app

Alternatively, you can use an app called Store Pick + Delivery, which allows you to offer pickup options for local orders. For instance, if you’re running a meal service on Shopify, you can allow your customers to pick up their orders from your address.

pickup or delivery options 

Here are some features of this app: 

  • You can tag the orders with their time, pickup date, and location 
  • Schedule pickups from the store, date-based shipping orders 
  • Make pickups convenient for your customers by offering them time and date picker 
  • Limit the pickup order number per day 
  • Import your stores in bulk through CSV
  • Set products at local delivery only, pickup only, and shipping only 
  • Customize breakpoints for preparation, like ‘order by noon for the next day delivery’ 
  • You can also set the whole store for pick up mode 
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