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How can LaunchTip apps improve your Shopify store?

SellUp Shopify Upsell App

Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

What can LaunchTip’s Shopify apps do for you and your store?

Sometimes merchants may not know the quick wins they could have on their store and that’s ok. When ever you start a new store from scratch, there are a million and one things that have your attention. Once you have the initial groundwork covered, the next step usually is to either improve the sales you are getting or drum up business if you don’t have any.

We at LaunchTip like to think we have an edge. We build Shopify apps from real world cases as we are merchants ourselves as well. This helps us identify pain points, solve issues and come up with new ways to increase sales and build a better store.

In this quick article, we will simply go through each of our apps and the quick wins that any merchant can gain from using them. Let’s go.


1) SellUp

SellUp is our #1 App which allows merchants to increase their sales overnight. One of the easiest ways for merchants to make more money is to simply sell more to the ones that are buying. A simple yet powerful tactic which can boost your Average order value.

Find out more or View SellUp on the App Store

2) Delivery Timer

Delivery Timer is a powerful converting and information app. You have probably seen it on Amazon before, “Order in the next 3 hours, 27 minutes to get it by…”. Delivery Timer creates urgency so customers are more inclined to purchase. Secondly, it informs your customers and helps manage expectation.

Find out more or View Delivery Timer on the App Store

3) Kartify

Kartify is powerful tool to improve your stores cart. This can be done through cart promotions, discounts and Upsells.

Find out more or View Delivery Timer on the App Store

4) Lumo Reviews

Lumo Reviews is an external review builder for platforms such as Trustpilot, Google, Facebook, Yelp and many more. You can send review requests to your stores customers to leave positive reviews on these platforms without signing up to expensive plans or manually doing it.

Find out more or View Lumo Reviews on the App Store

5) Movo

Movo is powerful widget which sits on your Shopify store. It helps communicate your stores offers, promotions and discount codes to your customers. This increases conversions and pushes customers to take up offers they may not have been aware of. It also reduces traffic loss as it reduces customers searching for your store discount codes on third party sites.

Find out more or View Movo on the App Store

6) Promio

Promio is a viral traffic generator for social sites. You can incentivise your customers to share your store to their friends and family generating large organic and viral reach.

Find out more or View Promio on the App Store


If you have any questions on the Apps listed above or would like some further insight into how one of our Apps can help your Shopify store, simply get in touch.

SellUp Shopify Upsell App

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