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How to connect Shopify with Aftership

Engage Customers with a Branded Tracking Page Build your own tracking page to include product recommendations, marketing banners, and Instagram image feeds to impress, engage, and upsell your customers with engaging sales deals. Eliminate Customer Frustration Assure your customers that

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How to connect Shopify with Hotjar

How to Install your Hotjar Tracking Code The Hotjar Tracking Code needs to be installed within your site in order to start collecting data. In order to install the Tracking Code, you can either follow one of our platform-specific guides,

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How to setup Shopify with Locksmith

An introduction to Locksmith Locks are created using the search bar within our Locksmith app. And more, with custom Liquid locks: Create a custom lock by clicking the Start a Liquid Lock link above the Locksmith search bar.. A key

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How to connect Shopify with Lucky Orange

Get 10 conversion rate optimization tools for the cost of 1 to help reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. Scroll heatmaps show how far down the page visitors went before leaving and whether they got to your best products or

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How to connect Shopify to Mailchimp

The best way to connect Mailchimp to Shopify is using Shopsync. When you connect your Shopify store to Mailchimp with the Shopsync integration, you unlock features that can help you increase revenue and drive conversion. With the connection, you can use Mailchimp

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