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How to handle going on vacation when running a Shopify store


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How to handle going on vacation when running a Shopify store

If you’re a one-person team, you’d need to be on board with all activities happening in your Shopify store. So, if you have to go on a vacation, there’s no one who can look after the store for you. 

What do you do in this situation? Do you have to take your work along with you? This doesn’t have to be the case. Shopify has some features that allow you to enjoy your vacation while running a store. 

What to do with your Shopify store when going on vacation 

According to Shopify’s social media team, there are a few things you can do with your store while you’re vacationing. 

On hold 

If you’ll be on vacation for just a short time, you can put your store on hold. Your customers will be able to see this banner, but they can still shop from your store. 

However, you might find your customers won’t be happy with long fulfilment times for their orders. This could reduce the trust they have with your brand if you don’t make your shipping times clear. 

Subscription pop up 

You can enter a message on the subscription pop-up that appears when your customers are shopping on your store. 

You could include something like the following: ‘We’re away from the store for a small break and will be fulfilling orders when we return. Until then, feel free to shop and leave your email address to be notified about order fulfilment’. 

Password protection 


If you don’t want customers to shop from the store while you’re on vacation, this is the best method. Put a password on your site to keep visitors out. While this disallows people to shop, it saves them from long order fulfilment times. 

Depending on the theme you’re using, you might have the option to leave a message for the customers, telling them you’re away. Here’s how to set a password: 

  • Go to Online Store 
  • Click on Preferences
  • Select Enable Password Page 

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