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Originally Published September 19, 2021.

How to get UPC codes for your Shopify store

UPC codes

A UPC or universal product code is a code printed on the packaging of a product that helps in the item’s identification. It has two parts: a barcode that can be read by a machine and a 12-digit code underneath. 

If you want to use the Amazon Sales Channel, obtaining the UPC does for your Shopify store would be helpful. Does Shopify give you UPCs? Let’s discover the available options. 


Obtaining UPC codes for Shopify

You can get UPC codes for Shopify products by signing up for GS1, which gives you codes for your company. The cost differs depending on your business, but you must pay a joining fee.

Here are some other features of the software: 

  • Trusted Source: GS1 generates every code in such a way that it shows your company as a brand owner. 
  • Quick: You can instantly start assigning UPCs to your products by simply signing up. 
  • Compatibility: The UPCs assigned by GS1 are valid for Shopify and all other major marketplaces. 
  • International: GS1’s UPCs work globally, so you can make them a part of any supply chain. 
  • Free Support: GS1 also offers free support through online channels and phone. 

If you sell handmade items, with each manufactured product being unique, the cost for UPCs might get too high. 


Shopify apps for UPC codes 

Since GS1 can be pretty expensive, you might want to look for Shopify apps, such as UPC Code Manager. The app installs in your store for free, and there is no monthly fee. You only have to pay for the number of codes you get from the app. 

By generating UPCs from the app, you can get your items listed on Houzz, Amazon, or other sale channels that ask for UPCs. 

UPC codes