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How to efficiently filter search results in your Shopify store

filter search results
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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

How to efficiently filter search results in your Shopify store

If you try to add a filter option in your Shopify store, you will get a notification that this cannot be done due to the platform’s limitations. It’s quite frustrating for Shopify not to offer this feature since pretty much every other e-commerce platform has it. 

The workaround for this problem is using some of the apps discussed below. 

Best apps for adding search result filters in Shopify 

Here are two apps you can use to add search result filters to your store. 

Findify Search & Personalize 

filter search results

Findify Search & Personalize is an AI-based app that changes the order for product display depending on each individual that comes to your shop. Developers claim this method increases conversion by 30%. 

The platform uses a machine-learning algorithm to check the behavior of collective shoppers and individuals, showing them items they’re likely to buy. Top Shopify merchants like Good American (Khloe Kardashian), Victoria Beckham, and BHB Cosmetics have used this app. 

Here are some of the features of Findify Search: 

  • Dynamic filtering
  • Autocomplete function¬†
  • An algorithm analyzing more than 220 factors that impact the buying decisions taken by customers¬†
  • Natural language processing
  • Mobile search¬†
  • Spelling tolerance¬†
  • SKU-style search¬†
  • Customizable look¬†

Smart Search & Instant Search 

filter search results

Smart Search & Instant Search can be added to your store’s search bar as a plugin. Thus, when a customer begins to type anything in the search bar, the drop-down menu will show them relevant suggestions. 

Here are some features of this app: 

  • Advanced search autocomplete¬†
  • Searching capability for content and products¬†
  • Suggestion dictionary¬†
  • ‚ÄėDid you mean‚Äô functionality rather than showing no results¬†
  • Customizable look¬†
  • Multilingual search – more than 6000 languages¬†
  • Stopwords and synonyms¬†

You can either use the auto filters generated or create them yourself. Besides creating dynamic filters by vendor, collections, and price, you can also make multi-select filters.

Also note that many Shopify compatible themes have built-in filters too that could be a quick win.


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