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Originally Published May 16, 2021.

How to exclude products from free shipping in Shopify

One of the best incentives you can give your customers is free shipping. However, you might not want to offer free shipping for every product in your store. Is there a way for you to exclude certain products from the free shipping tag in your Shopify store? We discuss this in detail. 

Excluding certain products from free shipping 

Shopify’s policies are a bit tricky when it comes to including some items and excluding others, so it’s understandable why merchants are uncomfortable with them. The platform does not let you exclude products from free shipping. It only allows you to applying free shipping when the total order is a particular value. 

Here are some apps you can use instead to exclude products from free shipping rules. 

Intuitive Shipping 

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Intuitive Shipping lets you use the conditions systems for every section of shipping costs, such as shipping title, customer tag, shipping costs, and rates. Even better, you can restrict some items from being shipped for free so that you can ensure profitability. 

Plus, the SmartBoxing feature in the app lets you calculate weight, size, and boxes per order to ensure the nearest estimated shipping rates are calculated on the checkout page. 

Better Shipping 

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Better Shipping lets you set the shipping rates according to your needs. You can even set individual rates for each product or it’s variant. Plus, you can combine shipping by location, variant, and product. 

Besides keeping free shipping on some items, you can also offer discounts for your customers who spend over a certain limit. 

Advanced Shipping Rules

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The Advanced Shipping Rules app lets you set different shipping rates for different products. Furthermore, you can adjust advanced features, like % of the price, customs and duties, and package dimensions. 

If there are certain zones that you don’t ship to, you can keep restriction zones on the app. More importantly, there’s no need to touch the theme code for making any changes.