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How to exclude discount codes on sale items in Shopify

exclude discount codes
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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

How to exclude discount codes on sale items in Shopify

Are you planning to have a Black Friday or Christmas sale on your Shopify store but what if you already offer discount codes to your customers? Double the markdown could be problematic, putting you at a loss. 

Sure enough, you’d want to set a condition disallowing the customers from using their discount code on the sale items. 

So, how can you exclude discount codes from being applied to sale items in your Shopify store?

Unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t have this feature yet but there is a workaround. 

Excluding discount codes from sale items 

Since Shopify doesn’t let you do this directly, you have to separate sale items by creating a new Product Type. The method is only feasible if you don’t use the product type field to filter the collection. 

  • Make a new collection, named ‘Non-Sale Items’ 
  • In the condition, select’ Product Type’ and ‘not equal to.’ Lastly, select ‘Sale Item’ in the condition 
  • Now, remove this collection of products from the sales channel 
  • When you’re offering a sale on a product, assign it as ‘Sale Item’ 
  • For the coupon, choose ‘Non-Sale Items’ as the collection 

Doing so will limit the customers from using their discount codes on items that are already on sale. When you don’t want the products to be on sale anymore, you can remove the Sale Item tag from them. 

Manual solution to excluding discount codes from sale items

Until shop owners can exclude their products by prices and tags, you will have to seek a manual solution. 

Here’s a video tutorial to make the process easier for you to understand.

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