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How to add text next to shipping method by editing the shipping page in Shopify

shipping method

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How to add text next to the shipping method by editing the shipping page

Normally, the checkout page in your Shopify store only shows the shipping method. But what if you have any additional details to add, such as the VAT for different countries? Can you edit the code to add text next to the shipping method on the checkout page? 

Let’s discuss this in detail. 

Adding text to checkout page 

Shopify does not let you edit the checkout CSS due to security concerns. However, if you want to show your customers any additional information, you can put it on the cart page. 

Here’s a method that explains how to add a terms and agreement page on the cart page of your store. However, a store owner recently found a way to put information on the checkout page without making any changes to the code. 

On Shopify, you can change the text shown for certain actions, even those displayed on the shipping page. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Go to Settings in your store 
  • Click on Checkout and go to Checkout language 
  • It will show you a list of texts that can be edited. Search for ‘shipping method notice’ 
  • Typically, this is empty. You can add any text here (that you want to show on the checkout page), and it will be displayed alongside the shipping method 

Using an app

shipping method

If the aforementioned doesn’t work for you, go ahead and use Product Warnings on Checkout. It’s an app that lets you add warning pop-ups to your checkout or cart page. Here are some of the things you can display in the popups: 

  • Lock-down announcements
  • Product availability 
  • Shipping delays 
  • Pre-order 
  • Change in business hours 

Instead of having to assign a warning to each product, you can set alerts for collections or variants. Plus, the app also lets you set warnings for specific locations or countries. 


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