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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

Movo is an app that allows Shopify merchants to showcase their stores offers and promotions in a sleek widget.

Having amazing offers in your store to entice shoppers to spend more or make their first purchase is great. Discount codes have long been the king to getting a customer to click that checkout button but if customers can’t see these offers, you may miss an opportunity.

There are many sites now that list all available discounts for stores all over the web. Whilst this was a strong tactic a decade ago, shoppers now don’t need to go hunting. With apps like Honey, shoppers can click a button in a second and retrieve valid codes and offers for a merchants store.

Traffic is becoming hard to obtain so if you are forcing the millions of shoppers who aren’t using Honey to go hunting for codes on the web, they ultimately end up leaving your site and possibly not returning. A lost sale.


Showcase your offers

What can merchants do? If you are a Shopify merchant, there is a neat solution to this. Movo.

Movo is an app that displays a cool widget on the frontend of your store which showcases available discount codes, offers and promotions to your visitors. Movo gives you complete control over which offers you wish to display and you can even schedule these. As well as using the offers you setup in Shopify like discount codes and automatic discounts, you can set up custom offers giving you amazing promotion-running abilities.

This solves the biggest problem for store regarding promotions. Lost traffic. With a cool widget showcasing your offers in an unobtrusive way, customers won’t have to go hunting the web and secondly it raises awareness. This in turn can increase shopper engagement and result in more sales.

There is also the ability to setup free gift offers. This allows for customers to unlock free gifts once certain conditions are met. The widget communicates this information to the customer so they know what they need to do.


Improve your Shopify store for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Another fantastic use for Movo is the ability to easily portray your shop’s offers during the busy week of Black Friday & Cyber Monday or “BFCM”. With these days being typically fast moving, shoppers are browsing many websites. If they can easily see your offers in a neat widget, you save them time and increase your chances of a sale.


How can I get Movo?

Movo is available now in the Shopify App Store and is free to install. The free plan comes with the ability to showcase one offer. This is to allow merchants to fully use the app with no limitations on look and feel. Once satisfied, it’s recommend to upgrade to Pro to unlock unlimited offers. The app in turn should pay for itself with the increase in shopper engagement and sales uplift so it’s a win win.

SellUp Shopify Upsell App

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