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Originally Published March 1, 2022.

Different descriptions for product variants on Shopify

If you own a Shopify store where you sell products with multiple variants, you’re more than likely going to want different descriptions for product variants. Not only does it make the product more relatable for the customer, but it will improve your SEO and be product specific.

Is it possible to have different descriptions for product variants directly in Shopify or do you need to use an app? Let’s explore these options in detail.

Writing different descriptions for product variants 

Depending on the number of products you have in your Shopify store and your store’s theme, you can change your variant descriptions in several ways.

  1. The easiest way is to make the product descriptions variant agnostic instead of dependent
  2. If the difference between the variants is color, use javascript to swap the color names in each variant description
  3. If you have to write a unique description for each product variant, use <!—split—> in the source HTML of the product descriptions. Also use the split filter in your store’s theme: ( {% assign variant_descriptions = product.description | split:”<!– split –>” %} ) for array information

Using an app

Variant Description OMG

descriptions for product variants 

If you unable to change code or want a simple solution, you can use Variant Description OMG. It lets you easily and simply have different descriptions for product variants.

Having unique product variant descriptions is important when explaining the product’s features to your customers. Not only does it make it easier for your consumers to understand the product better, but it can help to increase sales and reduce return rates. The best thing is that no code is needed and you can publish any changes directly to your store within minutes. 

Some of the main features include:

  • Better explain the variant features
  • Communicate different shipping times
  • Variant sizing information
  • Variant materials or fabrics
  • Difference between kits or combo packages

What are the benefits of unique descriptions for product variants 

Having unique descriptions for product variants on your Shopify store clearly explains the difference to your customers. If the same description is used across all variants of a product but there is a considerable difference, your customers might become confused.

Unique descriptions help customers to make informed decisions about the variant they are wanting to purchase. With this comes a lower return rate.