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How to effectively delete all variants for a product in Shopify

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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

How to effectively delete all variants for a product in Shopify

If you’re a new Shopify shop owner, you might struggle with deleting the variants for a product. Variants refer to the different options for an item. For instance, if you sell phone covers, the variants would be sizes, colors, or designs. 

Can you delete all variants at once, or do you have to delete each one at a time manually? If you try doing that, Shopify will still tell you to add one option at the end. If you don’t add this option, you’ll likely get the error: 

Option1 the field can’t be blank

After this, the only feasible option that comes to mind is starting the product from scratch again. But is there an easier way to do this? Here’s what you should know. 

How to delete all variants for a product?

When you are manually deleting all options for a product, you’ll still be asked to enter one option at the end since Shopify won’t let you delete the last variant. When you come to this step, change the name of the last option to Default.

Now, save the product. When it appears in the store, there will be no option for this product anymore. Make sure that you’re changing the variant name and not the product title. If you do the latter, you’ll still see the variants on the product page. 

Here’s how to do it correctly. 

  • Select the Product 
  • Scroll down 
  • Go to Variant 
  • Then, select Edit 
  • Type Default to change the variant name 
  • Save your changes 

At the moment, this is the only way to remove all variants from your product page. An alternative would be to start the product description from scratch. However, it could be time-consuming if you have multiple products to add. 

Hopefully, Shopify will come up with an easier solution for this issue in future updates.


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