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How to track and manage your daily business with this simple to-do and task app for your Shopify store

If you have a Shopify store and are looking for a way to manage it easily, then NoteDesk is here to help. An app that is perfect for creating to-do lists and managing projects, you won’t know how you coped without it.


What can I do with NoteDesk?

NoteDesk allows you to do more for your Shopify store. Easily create tasks, organise and plan your daily store needs. It’s a great way for a team to accomplish tasks, create and manage projects and keep track of your store’s progress. You as the store owner can keep track of your business’ growth too.



Increase your productivity with NoteDesk

We wanted to make it super simple for you to manage your Shopify store, and finally we’ve created an app that does exactly that. Not only can you generate and manage tasks for your team and plan projects, but you can create to-dos for your customers and their orders from within the Shopify admin screen using Admin Actions. This a great feature if you need to add an important note to a customer’s order.


Why do I need to install NoteDesk?

Firstly, NoteDesk is free to install. Secondly, it is the first to-do app for Shopify. It really does make managing your Shopify store easier and keeps track of your to-dos, notes and projects in one centralised location. If you have a large team working for you, it’s a fantastic way to keep track of their workload and ensure they’re completing the tasks they need to be. You can even prioritise important responsibilities to guarantee they get completed first.

There is a Task Library that presents you with potential task ideas that you can easily add to your list of tasks. This library will continue to be updated by us with new and useful responsibilities we think every Shopify owner needs to do.


How to get NoteDesk

Install NoteDesk today on the Shopify app store and be one the first merchants to have a great task and to-do management system for your Shopify store. You can also find further information about NoteDesk here