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Originally Published September 28, 2021.

How to change/update the order status to delivered in Shopify

Once you have delivered an order to the customer, you’d want them to get the notification. However, the order status still does not change to ‘delivered.’ Is there a way to fix this? Let’s see how you can change the order status to ‘delivered.’ 

Changing the order status in Shopify 

Shopify automatically sends different notifications to the customers depending on where their order is at the time. For instance, the platform sends ‘shipment delivered’ and ‘out for delivery’ alerts to the customers. 

However, these notifications are only sent to the customers if you ship their orders through FedEx, Canada Post, UPS, and USPS. Since these carriers are directly linked to Shopify, your customers will only get notifications when the status changes at the carriers’ ends. 

That means if an order has not been shipped through these carriers, the customers won’t be getting the notification. 

How to send a tracking number

You can send a tracking number to your customers after fulfilling their orders using the following method. 

  • Go to Orders in your Shopify admin 
  • Select the order number for which you want to add the tracking number 
  • Go to Fulfilled and then to Add Tracking 
  • Click on Edit Tracking and enter the tracking number for the shipment 
  • If the carrier is supported by Shopify, the platform’s system will automatically detect the number and choose the carrier 
  • However, if it doesn’t do that, you can manually choose the carrier 
  • If your carrier does not have Shopify support, make sure you write the complete URL given to you by the carrier for tracking the shipment 
  • If you do not want the customer to get shipping updates, uncheck the box titled Send notification email to the customer 
  • Save your changes 


Although it doesn’t send the ‘delivered’ notification to the customers, it sends them tracking details.