How to make a collection of collections in the Supply theme in Shopify

supply theme

How to make a collection of collections in the Supply Theme on Shopify When using the Supply Theme, you might want to make a collection of collections to showcase all product categories on one page. For instance, if you sell household furniture, you can have a page titled Living Room.  Then, you may create a […]

How to automatically switch checkout language in Shopify

Update: 2022 – Introducing Shopify Markets. How to automatically switch checkout language in Shopify If you want to switch the checkout language in your Shopify store, keep in mind that you can only have one language active at a time in one store. Thanks to the introduction of Shopify markets, you can now manage your […]

How to change the text of product page buttons in the Boundless theme


How to change the text of product page buttons in the Shopify Boundless theme If you’re using the Boundless Theme, some things will be present on your store’s pages by default. For instance, the product page will have a ‘Back’ button. If you want this button to say something else, like ‘Collections’ or ‘Home Page’, […]

How to add payment icons to cart & checkout pages in your Shopify store

payment option

How to add payment icons to cart and checkout pages If your Shopify store has a multitude of payment options, you’re more likely to make sales if people have the liberty to choose the payment method of their choice.  So, how can you add the payment icons, such as American Express, MasterCard, and Visa, to […]

How to Best Add A Notes Field to Products On Shopify

How to best add a notes field to products on Shopify When adding products to your store, you might want to add notes for each item that are not displayed on the website but are only visible to the admin. Is there a way to add these private notes on Shopify? Let’s discuss this.  Adding […]

How to Best Add a Plus Minus Button to Quantity Selector In Shopify

How to best add a Plus Minus button to quantity selector in Shopify When your customers come to the cart page, you want to make everything smooth and easy so that they do not end up abandoning the cart. One of the easiest ways to do this is by making the selection process a breeze.  […]

How to Add a Disclaimer Checkbox to the Cart/Checkout on Shopify

Depending on the products you’re selling in your Shopify store, you might want or need to add a disclaimer at checkout. By implementing this measure, you’ll know they’ve read and agreed to the disclaimer/terms before checking out. Does Shopify allow you to add a disclaimer at checkout, or do you need a specific app for […]

How To Change the Product Price If the Customer Contains a Specific Tag

How to change the product price if the customer contains a specific tag You might want to give some customers certain perks depending on their past behavior or their total cart amount. For instance, you may want to deduct 20% off a price if a customer has a certain tag.  How do you do this […]

How to Display Product Tags on Shopify

How to display product tags on Shopify You might want to add product tags on your Shopify product description pages and link them to the connections, allowing the customers to go from one product to the relevant collection. Is there a way to do this, or do you have to get an app for this? […]

How to Import Products With Variants – the Correct Way

How to import products with variants – the correct way Shopify allows you to add different variants for a product using a CSV file. You have to fill in the header and the columns containing information about the product, such as its color or size.  However, in some cases, you may get the error: Option […]

How To Easily Change The Destination Of Continue Shopping Button

How to easily change the destination of the Continue Shopping button Typically, the Continue Shopping button will take your customers to your product collection page. However, you may want to change the destination in case you want to direct the customers to a specific page.  For instance, let’s suppose you have a meal delivery store […]

How To Simply & Completely Customize The Order Status Page On Shopify In 3 Methods

How to simply & completely customize the order status / “thank you” page on Shopify in 3 methods If you’re looking to change the options and show messages to suit your customers’ needs, then you’ll need to edit the order status page. Let customers opt-in to order updates Depending on the information your customers enter […]

11 great & easy to use FREE Shopify themes for 2022

free Shopify themes

11 great & easy to use FREE Shopify themes for 2022 It shouldn’t take an experienced developer to create a new eCommerce website. Usually, innovators and founders do not have the expertise to create an online shop from inception, but they often do not have the funds to pay tons of cash for it though. […]

4 focus areas to increase the speed of your Shopify store [2022 Guide]

increase shopify store speed

If you are here, chances are you are looking to improve your Shopify’s site speed. Whether it is because you have noticed the theme score in your admin and now wish to improve it or you have been checking up on SEO, having a fast store is better than a slow one. First off, let’s […]

How to hide the Add to Cart button on specific products in Shopify

How you can hide the “Add to Cart” button on a specific product in Shopify. Why would you want to hide the Add to Cart button? You may have a Product you want to be visible on your store but don’t wish it to be bought buy any customers under certain situations. This is good […]

How to speed up your Shopify Theme

Speed is an important factor for 2 reasons. The main reason is a slow site will result in lost sales. Amazon conducted a test on this and a slowness of 1 second could cost them $1.6 Billion in sales each year.. yeh. The second reason is for SEO purposes. A faster site means it will […]