The best way to move my store from Wix to Shopify

The best way to move my store from Wix to Shopify

The best way to move my store from Wix to Shopify

If you have a Wix store, moving to Shopify could be lucrative for your business. For that, you must know how to transform a store from Wix to Shopify. Do you want to keep the same look in your Shopify store too? Here’s how to make the switch. 

How to migrate from Wix to Shopify

The process is a little tricky, and you should hire someone for the process if you’re not confident about your tech skills. However, if you’re familiar with basic configurations, Shopify extensively explains how to migrate from another platform to Shopify. Here are the steps involved: 

  • Configuring the administrative settings 
  • Importing the content from your Wix store to Shopify 
  • Organizing the collections and products after the transfer 
  • Tweaking the website layout 
  • Setting up a domain 
  • Setting the shipping methods 
  • Configuring the taxes 
  • Setting up a payment provider 
  • Checking customer experience by placing test orders 
  • Setting URL redirects 

If you want to keep the same layout as your Wix store, you can search for a similar theme on the Shopify theme store. After that, you can upload the design assets and customize the layout as needed. 

Plus, if you want to bring your Wix customers and products to Shopify, you can import the CSV files for the products. Alternatively, you can use the Transporter app, which is compatible with Shopify and is accessible to Shopify Plus merchants exclusively. 

The app lets you import the following elements into your Shopify store: 

  • Order records 
  • Customers 
  • Products 

It’s better than native CSV files importing because you can delete bulk data and troubleshoot easily. Plus, the app is ten times faster than regular APIs. 

If you need any help, it’s best to hire a professional for the migration. Shopify experts also suggest using the 14-day free trial on Shopify to create a new store before migrating your store from another site. 


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