Best 5 Upsell Apps For Fashion and Jewellery Stores

Best 5 Upsell Apps For Fashion and Jewellery Stores

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For fashion and jewellery stores, it’s a challenge to upsell their products at the best of times. Despite being the most popular category on Shopify, you must do something out-of-the-box to beat the extreme competition.

In this article, we will shed some light on the best upsell apps to increase the average order value of your fashion and jewellery stores.

Best Upsell Apps For Fashion and Jewellery Stores On Shopify


Price: Free (Pro Plan Available)

SellUp is hands down the best app for eCommerce fashion industries that are looking to increase their revenue by upselling and cross-selling their apparel catalogue.

By improving the customer’s shopping experience, SellUp gives your upsell pop-ups a fair chance to get more conversions. It inherits the store’s theme settings to make the whole upselling process seamless and intuitive.


  • Free plan available
  • Targeted upsells on the product page
  • Create upsells in less than 60 seconds


Free (Pro Plan Available)

Bogo is an AI-powered solution to create high converting upsell funnels. With targeted upsell offers on the thank-you page, it allows customers to initiate a one-click upsell.

Since most customers use mobile for online shopping, Bogo is designed and developed to be 100% responsive on all mobile devices.


  • Non-disruptive user experience
  • Intuitive analytics to track revenue growth
  • Fully customisable bundles

Frequently Bought Together

Price: $9.99/Month

It’s a decent app to reconvert existing traffic by showing a related products catalogue. It provides an Amazon-like feature developed by ‘Code Black Belt’ to Shopify users who want to increase their average order value and revenue.

Since 2016, frequently bought together has served thousands of fashion stores by increasing their sales and conversion rates.


  • 24/7 customer support available
  • Fast and stable app
  • It can be used as a discount upselling widget

Upsell Recommendations

Price: Free

Inspired by Amazon Upsell Recommendation, this app intelligently displays your store visitors the most relevant products they are likely to buy.

Once you install upsell recommendations on your fashion or jewellery store, it starts tracking every visitor’s behaviours and preferences and predicts what the shopper will buy next.


  • 100% free app
  • Automated upsell offers
  • Unlimited recommendations

Candy Rack

Price: From $29.99/Month

Candy rack is an upselling app primarily suitable for fashion stores to offer free gifts, related products bundles via upselling popups. However, there is no free plan available for this app, so you would have to go with a paid one.

Its simplicity and slick design make it different from the peers — If you want a solid app that generates an immediate sales boost to your fashion store, this is the app you need.


  • Pre-defined templates for upsell offers
  • One-click upsell popups
  • Online chat & Email support
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