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(Originally Published August 15, 2019.)

Shopify have announced they are removing all Beeketing & Boostflow Apps from the Shopify App Store.

Merchants will have 2 weeks to uninstall these and find alternatives.

We’re committed to keeping the Shopify App Store a secure and trustworthy platform where merchants can be confident in the apps they install and use. After several months of working with Beeketing and their secondary company, BoostFlow, to resolve multiple violations of our Partner Program Agreement, including inadequate support for merchants and abuse of our marketing tools, we’re removing their apps from Shopify. Effective August 27, 2019 Beeketing and BoostFlow apps will no longer be available on Shopify, and their app functionality will be disconnected.

The removal of the 13 apps will have an impact on an estimated 70,000 merchants around the world who used the Beeketing Apps on their Shopify stores for a variety of additional functionality which will no longer be available.

If you’re a merchant currently using one of the Beeketing or BoostFlow apps, you can either uninstall them now, or they will be discontinued on August 27th. Our advice is to source alternative apps in the meantime which can replace the functionality of the deleted applications.

The affected apps are:

  • Sales Pop by Beeketing
  • Countdown Cart by Beeketing
  • Facebook Chat by Beekteting
  • Better Coupon Box by Beeketing
  • Personalized Recommendation by Beeketing
  • Happy Email by Beeketing
  • Mobile Converter by Beeketing
  • Boost-Sales – Upsell – Cross-sell by Beeketing
  • Recover Cart Pusher by Beeketing
  • Checkout Boost by Beeketing
  • Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketing
  • Happy Messenger by Beeketing
  • Countdown Timer & Sales Pop Up by BoostFlow


Alternatives and Replacements for Beeketing

Sales Pop:

Countdown Cart:

Facebook Chat:

Better Coupon Box:

Personalized Recommendation:

Happy Email:

Mobile Converter:

Boost-Sales – Upsell – Cross-sell:

Recover Cart Pusher:

Checkout Boost:

Mailbot Email Marketing:

Happy Messenger:

Countdown Timer & Sales Pop Up by BoostFlow:


If you have any questions or need help determining which replacement app is best for your business, you can reach out to our support team.