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How to Auto-generate a one-time Discount Code after a Customer Purchases

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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

How to Auto-generate a one-time Discount Code after a Customer Purchases

We will discuss here how to build an automated discount for a percentage or fixed amount.

  1. Go to Discounts on your Shopify admin.
  2. Build a discount by pressing the Create discount
  3. Press Automatic discount.
  4. Enter a name for the automatic discount in the Automatic discount e.g., 15Offnecklaces
  5. Optional: If you prefer to give this discount to your store locations, you should review the Point-of-Sale deal as well (POS Pro locations only). Automatic discounts extend only to POS Pro subscription store outlets. If you have a POS Lite plan at certain locations, the automated discounts will not occur at the checkout.

Note: If you want to have an automatic discount, it will work both for online store and Shopify POS

  1. Select Percentage or Fixed amount in the Types
  2. Enter a monetary or percentage figure for the discount under Discount Value.
  3. Select whether this discount extends to all products, particular collections, or specific products in the Applies to

Note: When you include a product variant to a discounted list, the discount is extended to all of the product’s variants.

If the discount applies to particular items or goods, then link them to the discount using the search field or the Browse button. Up to 100 products and variants may be chosen. To delete a collection or item from the discount, press the X icon to remove it from the list.

  1. Optional: You can check this box if you’re making a fixed amount automated discount that can be extended to particular items or sets. To limit the number of times the discount can be applied, you can check Only apply discount once per order. Otherwise, the discount would be extended to all of the order’s eligible items.
  2. Set least requirements for discount:
  • In order to apply for the discount, the minimum sales price allows clients to pay a minimum amount.
  • Customers must buy a minimum number of items to apply for the discount.

Note: If the discount applies to a particular product or range, then the minimum purchase or quantity amounts contribute only to such products.

  1. To set the launch date for the discount, use the calendars in the Active dates To schedule the discount end date, press Set End Date and use the calendar to select when the discount expires.
  2. Press Save discount


A powerful strategy is applying this one time discount with a fantastic upsell opportunity. Imagine a customer adds a “Product A” to their basket. Upon clicking Add to Cart, a popup shows an unmissable offer for “Product B” because they added Product A to their basket. The customer is shown Product B and it has 25% off (thanks to our automatic discount. The customer can’t resist this offer. Now their basket has Product A and Product B in it and they checkout with a higher average order value.

Now imagine this across your store for the whole year…..

You can easily achieve the above with SellUp. You get a free upsell but for a small fee, you can unlock the full version which is worth it’s weight in gold. It can make you far more than it costs per month.


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