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Promio helps your store to grow by empowering your customers to market for you and become your customers. Any customer (first time or existing, your choice!) can unlock a discount in return for sharing your store to their social media audience.

Why Promio?

Go Viral.

Facilitate store growth and virality across WhatsApp social networks by empowering customers to share and influence sales.


Customers are more likely to make a first time purchase if they get a reward for it. Promio allows you to reward these customers.


The app is essentially free. From the increase in viral sales revenue, it pays for itself.

In Action.


SellUp is the #1 Action upsell app for Shopify. This allows you to trigger an upsell on a products “Add to cart” button. The customer is then presented with up-to 3 Upsells based on your rules.

Upselling allows you to increase your Shopify stores average order value or “AOV”. In return this will increase your overall revenue as you will be making more per sale.

This makes SellUp one of the most powerful apps you can have for your Shopify store. It will also pay for itself, win win!


Promio costs just $7.99 a month. With the increase in conversions and sales from Promio, it will more than likely pay for itself in no time!

You can grab it from the Shopify App Store. Click the App Store button above.

Check out our knowledge base here.

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