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Sell even more.

With Crate, you can create precision based Product Bundles for your Shopify store. You can create discounted Bundle kits to drastically improve your Average Order value. You can also add Smart Product Recommendations based on your stores previous sales. You can create custom Product Recommendations also.

Why Crate Bundles?

Ignite Revenue.

Turn your single product orders into multiple product orders. That means a LOT more revenue.

Visual Bundles.

Show attractive bundles. Great for furniture stores, fashion stores and any store with complimenting products.


The app is essentially free, even on the Pro Plan. From the increase in bundle revenue, it pays for itself.


Create Bundles is a powerful Shopify App which can help you create Product Bundles, Discounted Bundles and Smart Product Recommendations.

Crate Bundles is free for up to 500 impressions a month. Additional pricing can be found here.

Check out our knowledge base here.

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