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How to add a spec sheet to a product description in Shopify

Add spec sheet to product description

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How to add a spec sheet to a product description in Shopify

If you sell tech products on your Shopify store, you might want to add a spec sheet PDF on the product description page for your customers.

 Is it possible to do this in Shopify, or would you have to hire an expert or contact the developers? Let’s explore the available options. 

Adding a spec sheet to product description pages 

You can add any link to your product description page, whether it’s for a PDF file or spec sheet in a different format. Here’s how to do it. 

  • First off, you have to upload the PDF to your store 
  • Go to Admin and select Settings 
  • In the File section, click on Upload Files 
  • Choose the PDF you want to upload 
  • After uploading the PDF, copy its URL 
  • Then, go to Products and select the product you want to edit
  • In the description of that product, click on the hyperlink icon 
  • Choose the text you want to display on the product page. For instance, you can write ‘Spec Sheet’ or ‘PDF here’ 
  • Then, paste the PDF URL you copied earlier into the ‘Link to’ section of the box 
  • In the drop-down, select how you want the link to open: on the same page or a new page 
  • Click on Insert Link
  • Save the changes 

If you found these written instructions above hard to follow, here’s a video tutorial for adding a spec sheet PDF to the product description page. 

Instead of linking the PDF file to a text, you can also link it to an icon. Download a free icon from any site, for example, flaticon.com and then add it to the product description page. Then you can hyperlink the icon to the PDF URL from the earlier steps. 

PDF spec sheet icon

For instance, you can get this familiar PDF icon here. When the customer clicks on the icon, they will be directed to the file. 


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