How to effectively add a size chart to products in Shopify

How to effectively add a size chart to products in Shopify

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How to effectively add a size chart to products in Shopify

Shopify is, without a doubt, the epicenter of all online stores globally. The features it offers are unparalleled and unprecedented. Both customers and sellers are fans of Shopify’s user interface. It is the perfect combination of the right proportion of text and images.

The users can get all the information they want from the webpage without going through the hassle of contacting the sellers for every single query. On the contrary, sellers want to make their stores as appealing yet informative as possible. And in that regard, they are searching for a method to incorporate size charts for a wide variety of products in their inventories.

Therefore, if you have a similar dilemma, the undermentioned account will cater to all your requirements. So, let’s begin!

Adding a size chart to Shopify products

Such stores that sell apparel and other items and need to fit perfectly require size charts to make selling more manageable. We understand that the last thing a seller wants is a customer asking for a replacement just because the size did not fit correctly.

Therefore, charts are imperative as they will provide error-free information about the sizes so that no discrepancies and managerial issues encompass soon. Here are two ways to add size charts to your store:

Using the HTML table feature

size chart

Whether you are a developer or not, it doesn’t get easier than adding an HTML. The table feature allows you to create a chart of your liking. You can adjust the number of rows and columns to match the number and sizes of your products.

Using an application

Size Matters is an entirely free application that aids you in creating accurate size charts to describe your products to the customers. It has a straightforward interface, ensuring that every seller can create a table without any trouble.

Give any of the aforementioned options a try, and you will be good to go!

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