How to Clearly Add a Short Description On a Product Listing Page

How to Clearly Add a Short Description On a Product Listing Page

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How to clearly add a short description on a product listing page

Some Shopify themes allow you to add a short description of the product on the listing page. Basically, this means the customers will see about two to three rows of product description, followed by ‘…’.

It improves the customer experience because the visitors can learn sufficiently about the product from the listing page description. Or, if the listing page description intrigues them, the customers might be forced to click on that product, increasing the chances of purchase. 

However, this is not available in all themes, and you may want to add this manually for your products. Is it possible? Can you code your way into adding short descriptions on the listing page? Let’s discuss the options you can use. 

How to shorten Shopify descriptions?

To shorten the product description on the listing page, you can use the truncate: 

{{ product.description | truncate: 300 }}

It will break the description down by character count, and the rest of the information will be hidden. 

If you want to show a short description underneath the product price and over the Add to Cart button, you can use the meta description section in the SEO part of the Product Setup page. While the method may be slightly different for each theme, you can use this standard snippet: 

{% if page_description %}

{{ page_description }}

{% endif %}


Type this script in the .liquid code of the product template page. You may have to play around with the code to change the positioning of the description on the product page. 

Alternatively, you can use another code to show the description on the listing page: 

{% if product.metafields.global.description_tag %}

  {{ product.metafields.global.description_tag }}

{% else %}

  {{ product.description }}

{% endif %}


If nothing seems to be working, you might want to check with the theme developers. They’ll help you in this regard. Or, you can change the theme if that’s possible for your store. 


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