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Originally Published June 21, 2021.

How best to add a reserved cart timer to your Shopify store

Setting a reserved cart timer for your Shopify store is an excellent way to create a sense of urgency, prompting customers to check out quickly. With a timer running, they’ll know that the item will be out of the cart or the discount will be invalid after a certain period. 

Owing to this, they’ll be quick to check out rather than waiting or abandoning the cart. However, a slight issue in this regard is that Shopify does not have a cart hold feature. The products are only held in the Checkout process. 

But you can use some cart timer apps to urge your customers into checking out quickly. 

Apps to add a reserved cart timer 

Here are a few apps that are compatible with Shopify for adding a reserved cart timer. 

  • Timer Panda: The app is customized and user-friendly for shop owners who’ve never used a reserved cart timer before. You can add a timer for everyday purchase, product launch, holiday sales, or flash sales. Plus, you can customize the text showing over the timer. 


  • Scarcity: With this app, you can urge your customers to benefit from a sale urgently. You can also add an inventory progress bar to add an extra effect. Plus, the dynamic countdown text shows your customers that the number of that particular item is decreasing in the inventory. 


  • Hurrify: The app lets you add a cart timer during promotions. You can also run the timer as a banner on the top or bottom of the page. As the app is phone responsive, it shows perfectly on your customers’ mobile devices too. 

You can use any of these apps to add a timer to your Shopify store so that customers know they need to add quickly if they want to avail a discount or get their hands on a high-demand product. It will surely help boost sales in the long run. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you have a timer on the Product page by the add to cart button. Amazon uses this very tactic to their 310 million customers. With this well positioned timer, you can tip visitors to customers. You can get this setup in 60 seconds with Delivery Timer for Shopify.