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How to add different costs for add-on options in Shopify?

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Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by LAUNCHTIP

How to add different costs for add-on options in Shopify?

Let’s say you have a clothing store, and you want your customers to see the add-on costs on the product description page. How do you add options on the product page so that your customers can see the final cost of a shirt with and without collars or an applique? 

At the moment, Shopify does not allow you to copy the costs from an Excel sheet or your records to the store. Instead, you have to type in the prices manually. 

How to add different costs for add-on options

The simplest way to do this is by including the add-on amount for any particular option in the option value. Let’s say you sell a shirt for $10, and it costs $15 with customization. 

  • When filling the personalization option values, select None 
  • For Initials, set the value at +$5 
  • For Full Name, set it at +$10 

Then, set the price of the product with and without add-on reflecting these values. Now, when a customer selects these options from the drop-down menu, the costs will automatically update on the product page. 

Alternative method: use an app

If you’d rather use an easier option than trying to workaround Shopify limitations, there are a few good options with free trial periods. Therefore, you can give different apps a shot and choose the one that seems to go best with your shop. 

  • Product Options and Customizer: The app allows you to add ‘unlimited variants’ to the product page 
  • Bold Product Options: The app lets you add any custom field or product option you want, including file uploads, text areas, date pickers, and swatches 
  • Product Builder: With this app, you can give your customers an option to create their desired product by choosing the customization options you offer. It also features Product Preview Images, allowing the customers to see different images when they choose the relevant options 

On top of this, you can offer “Add Ons” to the product. For example, selling a T-Shirt? Chuck an irresistible Baseball Cap offer by its side. You can set these types of offers up in 60 seconds using SellUp.

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