Add 30% to your sales 💰 with upsells!Get App

Get 30% sales increase 💰 with upsells!Get App

A powerful influencer App for Shopify – Promio

A powerful influencer App for Shopify – Promio

Last Updated on September 19, 2019 by LAUNCHTIP

One of the hardest tasks a merchant deals with when starting out and growing a Shopify store is getting traffic and sales.

Unfortunately, getting any traffic whatsoever can be time consuming and costly. With CPC on the rise and SEO experts charging $1000’s, its a growing barrier for most Shopify stores.

Promio allows you to supercharge your customer traffic by leveraging your visitors Social Network audience. You can offer a discount or reward in return for helping for them becoming your influencers and powerful word of mouth marketing.

Instead of shelling out on paid ads, you can give a discount to your customers in return for getting more traffic. Not only does it incentivise customers who may be on the fence of purchasing from your store to do so, it can generate quality “word of mouth” style traffic to your store. A win win.

Ok, so you need SOME traffic but if you have an irresistible offer, then the sales will come in. And if the sales come in, it means your store is being shared with 1000’s of people.

All the features are listed on the Shopify App Store listing but it is designed to work out the box and inherit your themes CSS. There are settings to tweak various elements but all you need to do is set a discount code and enable it!

The app can be found here: https://apps.shopify.com/promio

You also get a FREE 7 day trial!

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