A list of Facebook Ad Term Abbreviations

A list of Facebook Ad Term Abbreviations

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With the growth of Facebook Ads, the platform and Agencies, there are now a sleuth of abbreviations out there. Some of the terms are directly related to advertising, some are related to the platform, some are born from “the pixel” and some are veteran industry standards. Here is an overview of the terms we have compiled to date:

LLA – Look Alike Audience

ROAS – Return on ad Spend

ROI – Return on Investment

ATC – Add to cart

VC – View Content

BFCM – Black Friday Cyber Monday

TOF – Top of funnel

MOF – Middle of funnel

BOF – Bottom of funnel

CBO – Campaign budget optimization

CPM – Cost per mille (1000 times)

CPC – Cost per click

CPA – Cost per Acquisition

CPL – Cost per lead

CPL – Cost per like (engagement)

CTR – Click through rate

WC – Website Conversions

VV – Video Views

Ad – Advert

RT – Retargeting

COC – Cost per offer claim

CPE – Cost per engagement

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

CVR – Conversion Rate

CPP – Cost Per Purchase

CA – Custom Audience

LTV – Lifetime value

CLTV – Customer Lifetime Value

XS – Cross-sell

US – Upsell

DS – Downsell

DPA – Dynamic Product Ads

IC – Initiate Checkout

LP – Landing Page

LPV – Landing Page Views

OCU – One click upsell

OTO – One time offer


If there are any missing, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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