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8 useful Apps For A One Product Shopify Store in 2023

When it comes to starting a Shopify store, there are many things you need to consider. You’ll need to ensure you have a great product to sell and the funds to start. One thing to consider is the Shopify apps. They are important because they add value to your Shopify store and could help you increase sales and revenue on your one product store.

We know there must be many one product Shopify store owners out there that would love to know which apps are a ‘must-have’ for their stores. By ‘must-have’, we mean for those of you that have already setup and started your Shopify store with the aim of improving the website. The apps below could help you achieve this.



Owning an ecommerce store requires you to be fully committed. There are certain features that your Shopify could benefit from. To ensure your store runs smoothly and you make the most of it, you’ll need an email integration tool, which allows you to keep in contact with your customers. A popup app that allows you to capture new customer data such as name and email for future marketing and a review app to allow customers to do research on your products and find out why other people buy them. You’ll need an upsell app, which means you can upsell other products when customers are about to tap the Add to Cartbutton.

Let’s now discuss the 8 useful Shopify apps for a one product store in detail.

1) OneSignal


OneSignal provides a Web Push – Free Abandoned Cart Shopify app. This app can help you improve sales with abandoned cart recovery messages and alerts. OneSignal lets you automatically alert your website visitors about their abandoned carts and direct them back to your store by displaying the products that are in their cart. It means you can protect your store from cart abandonment and recover any lost revenue. With OneSignal, you can directly send these notifications to your visitor’s desktop or browser.

Not only does OneSignal allow you to notify customers of their abandoned carts, but you can also provide custom push notification campaigns. If you have a sale or launch a new product, you can use custom web push notification campaigns to deliver announcements to your visitors’ browsers. Easily segment and target users based on their country of residence, language or cart status. It makes retargeting customers super easy. OneSignal also allows shipping alerts and fantastic analytics so you can easily track the sales that come in from the abandoned cart notifications and other reports such as clickthrough rates so you can optimise your messaging.

Price: Free. Paid plans available.


2) Loox


Loox is a review app that allows customer to submit reviews of products along with images. Not only can new visitors to your Shopify store see the reviews of your products but they also get to see the products in use by customers themselves. Easily collect beautiful reviews of your one product with photos to boost conversions. It’s social proof that looks great.

Reviews play a large part of any store, as customers are more likely to check product reviews before purchasing. Customers trust and respect product reviews with photos more than marketing assets. Loox is a great way to collect photo reviews, build a strong and trustworthy relationship and increase your store’s sales and revenue. There’s nothing better than winning your store’s visitors’ trust than social proofing with photo product reviews. Your store visitors will look to see your product in action so they can see themselves using it. Loox allows you, as the store merchant, to respond to the reviews and ensure your customers remain happy and satisfied.

Price: Starting from $9.99/month.


3) SellUp


SellUp is an ‘upsell’ app, allowing Shopify store merchants to offer targeted upsell opportunities. Although you may have a one product store, this doesn’t mean you can’t include upsell products. Perhaps you have the one product and accessories to accompany it. This is where SellUp can help. Easily create on-page upsells that sit below the product’s Add to Cartbutton. When your customers are looking at your product and are about to add it to their cart, they can see your upsell products below it. It can trigger them to add the upsell products to their cart also, which means a higher average order value for your store.

SellUp has built-in design settings, which gives each Shopify store the ability to change the way it looks. It inherits your store’s theme, making the installation process seamless. You can change the upsell message that is displayed to the customer. It doesn’t need to be the product title but instead can be a call to action. SellUp also allows store merchants to create action upsells. These appear in a popup when a customer clicks the Add to Cartbutton and can be high converting.

SellUp is a great app and works well for all Shopify stores, including one product stores, self-fulfilled and dropshipping stores and print on demand stores.

Price: Free. Paid plans available.



4) Delivery Timer


Delivery Timer helps Shopify store owners to improve their customer conversion rate with motivational order deadlines, urgency timers, dispatch times and estimated shipping or delivery dates. Featured on the Shopify app store in February 2019, Delivery Timer makes your sales pop. Delivery Timer order deadline allows merchants to display information about delivery or shipping times based on your store’s order by/cut-off times, dispatch times and estimated shipping/delivery times. Customers want to know when they can expect to receive the products they’ve bought from your store. Therefore, when they can order by a certain time to receive the quickest processing, they’ll get their order as quickly as possible. Delivery Timer does exactly this and helps to increase your store’s conversion rate and sales.

If you have a one product store, Delivery Timer is the perfect app for you to install. It is super easy to setup rules around order by times, delivery times and dispatch times. You may have seen messages on other popular stores such as “Order within the next 3 hours, 25 minutes for same day dispatch.” This creates an urgency for your store’s visitors so they feel the urge to purchase the product then and there.

Another feature of Delivery Timer is the ability to hide it once the order by deadline has been met and past for the current day. It reappears at midnight for the next day. By doing this, it does not deter customers from ordering later on in the day. You can, however, have the timer always showing. It’s entirely up to you.

Price: Free. Paid plans available.


5) ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign’s Shopify app, AC Email Marketing Automation, helps Shopify merchants reach the right customers with the right message at the right time. It uses powerful marketing automation systems, email marketing and personalised email automation. Part of the app includes a Customer Experience Automation platform that allows you to create meaningful interactions and send out targeted communications in minimal time.

ActiveCampaign enables you to view preferences and customer behavioural data to personalise future interactions. Easily create segments, tags and contact lists to send relevant emails to different groups. You can reach out to your customers about their abandoned carts or their product reviews. Improve on your current email marketing strategy with great features such as the Predictive Sending. It shows the customer content that actually matters to them and content they’d actually want to see.

Shopify store owners can import product data to their ActiveCampaign accounts to segment customers and ensure they only receive notifications and alerts about products they are actually interested in. You can set up site tracking and enable SMS messaging to communicate with customers across several different marketing channels. Easily set up automations to take care of repetitive tasks and focus your time on growing your business. ActiveCampaign also allows you to measure revenue, track your average order value and see your new and repeat customers. These are all key in how you will market to different customer types.

Price: Starting from $15/month.


6) ROI Hunter


ROI Hunter’s Shopify app, Facebook & Google Easy Ads, enables Shopify store owners to easily set up ad campaigns on Facebook or Google. You can drive brand awareness and traffic to your store, which in turn results in more sales. The clever technology of the app works in the background to help store owners make the most of the ads.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google lets you reach more people who are searching for the products or services you offer. New buyers will help your business grow, so reaching out to these new audiences is key. For Google advertising, you can use Google Search Ads or Google Smart Shopping ads that are both very powerful with drawing in the right buyers. Facebook and Instagram are a good way to increase traffic to your store, which should convert to buying consumers.

ROI Hunter’s Shopify app provides a tool for you to encourage past website visitors to purchase your products by retargeting on Facebook and Google. This method is for people that visit your store and leave without buying your products. You can bring them back with retargeting adverts that are powerful and relevant to the products they were browsing. There are ad overlays available, which can be applied to the ad creative to make them stand out from your competitors. For those of you that have a one product Shopify store, create engaging video ads for Facebook and Instagram. Videos perform better on these platforms, as more people are likely to engage with them. You can have your audience segmented so you can deliver the most efficient ads to the right people.

Price: Starting from $9/month.


7) Proof Factor


Proof Factor’s Shopify app, Sales Pop Ups & Email Popups, is described as ‘ 4 apps in 1.’ It includes social proofing, email marketing, coupon boxes and spin to win wheels. All four of these complement each other. Popular pop ups create a buzz and ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) on your one product Shopify store. Pop ups direct customers to purchase whilst incentivising.

You can bundle social proof with a discount/coupon/email pop up as a fun game or competition (e.g. Spin to Win wheel) when a visitor exits your store to drive them to return and purchase. Increase your sales, recover abandoned carts and grow your email marketing contact list. When you start your Shopify store, it’s important to have a steady stream of users to your website.

Social proof is a psychological experience where people rely on other’s actions to make a decision. This is based on the thought that people around you have more knowledge about the present situation. Recent sales notifications and live visitor count pop ups create this state. If a product says “50 people are currently buying this product,” customers viewing it feel they have to purchase it.

Exit pop ups provide a way of capturing a customer before they fully leave your site. You could offer them a discount code or create a game such as the Spin to Win wheel. Gamifying purchases is another way to increase your sales and revenue. Customers want to feel special and unique. Let them play a quick game to see if they can win a bigger discount. They’re more likely to return to your store in the future to purchase your goods.

Price: Free. Paid plans available.


8) Fera Social Proof


The Fera Social Proof app allows you to improve conversions, increase sales and build brand trust with your customers. Social proof is when people believe a product is great based on the actions of others. These people value the opinions of others, and as a Shopify store merchant, you can leverage this to build trust and make more sales.

To help with social proof, add customer testimonials and reviews to your Shopify store. Fera provides a testimonial carousel, photo wall and testimonial pop up function. By putting this in place means you should see an increase in your conversions. Build brand trust with the ‘As-featured-in’ and ‘As seen on’ banners. New customers visiting your site will see your products on other people and mentioned on other sites, which makes them feel safe when purchasing.

Fera Social Proof has made the app easy to install and set up. You can A/B test different social proof methods and customise the templates and appearance.

Price: Starting from $9/month.


The above apps are by no means an exhaustive list to install on your one product Shopify store. Please research apps before you install them.