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Originally Published December 6, 2022.

Let’s take a look at the 6 best Christmas Shopify apps for your store (updated for 2024)

With the holiday season in full swing, we thought it was only right to let you know the 6 best Christmas Shopify apps your store needs in 2023. We all know Christmas is a busy time of year, so we’ve done all the hard work for you.

6 best Christmas Shopify apps for 2024

1. 3D Seasonal Effects: Christmas

3d seasonal effects christmas shopify apps

Make your Shopify store look the part for Christmas with the 3D Seasonal Effects: Christmas app. It allows you to schedule dates throughout the year when effects and decorations will be applied to your store automatically.

Get your customers is the holiday mood by adding a wonderful seasonal effect to your Shopify store. There are over 150 effects to choose from. You can control the speed of the falling winter effect, the number of effect images you’d like to use and whether the effects will appear store-wide or on your main homepage only.

2. White Christmas

white christmas app

Increase your chance of more holiday sales by using the White Christmas app to put your customers in the right mood for online shopping. Create an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere on your Shopify store with decorations and music with one of the best Christmas Shopify apps.

You can easily install this app with one-click. No template or code modifications are necessary. The music, sounds, snow and other decorations appear automatically. You can pick and choose which music and decorations you’d like on your store front.

3. Delivery Timer Estimated Timer

Delivery Timer app

Increase your sales over one of the busiest times of the year with the Delivery Timer app. It helps reduce friction to the checkout by showing an estimated delivery time in which the customer can expect their order.

You can easily manage customers’ expectations with Delivery Timer so you can capture the sale and reduce customer service. The app allows you to easily match the timer to your store’s theme and colors, as well as setting up custom rules for certain products.

4. Super Gift Options: Gift Wrap

super gift options christmas shopify apps

One of the best Christmas Shopify apps is Super Gift Options: Gift Wrap. It allows you to offer multiple paid and free gift wrap options to your customers. It means their orders can be wrapped in beautiful gift wrap ready for Christmas and the holidays.

The app allows Shopify merchants to upsell and make more money on any order by allowing customers to purchase gift wrap add-ons right before checkout. Customers also have the option to add a personalised gift message too.

5. Quantity Discount Order Limits

quantity discount order limits app

Quantity Discount Order Limits lets you set unlimited tier discounts for any product variant, product or collection with beautiful, festive designs. It allows you to set up discount campaigns based on any rules your choose. It also works seamlessly with Shopify’s built-in discounts.

You can create purchase limits for the discounts you set up. Especially during the holidays, you might want customers to purchase a minimum amount of a product before they qualify for a discount. These limits can be places on products, product variants or collections.

6. Christmas & Snowfall Effect

Christmas snowfall effect

Decorate your Shopify store for Christmas using the Christmas & Snowfall Effect app. Add festive animation effects of falling snow to your store and add music to create a jolly and exciting holiday mood.

As one of the best Christmas Shopify apps, it will increase the chances of getting more sales by ensuring your customers are in the right festive mood for online shopping. This app also works well with all Shopify store themes, even customized ones.

Let’s conclude

These 6 best Christmas Shopify apps above are great additions for your Shopify store this holiday season. They can help increase sales and conversions, whilst putting your customers in a fun and festive spirit. Add beautiful and festive animations like snow falling down on your website.