4 Of The Best Product Research Tools For Shopify

4 Of The Best Product Research Tools For Shopify

4 of the best product research tools for Shopify

If you’re still in the early phases of learning about Shopify, knowing about the right product research tools can be of great use to you. 

To save you from the hassle of finding them yourself, we’ve reviewed some product research tools for the platform. 

Product research tools for Shopify 

All these product research tools will make shop curation much easier for you. 


product research tool

The tool is helpful since it lets you find all other competitor stores that are selling the same product as you. Plus, you get an ads finder, theme finder, and description generator. 

The competitor finder works for about 150,000 products in twenty different categories. More importantly, you get all of this at a reasonable price. The tool also has a Chrome Extension, containing helpful features like top buyers for an item and sales graphs. 


This tool might not be very reasonable, but it’s surely helpful. The software is straightforward and suitable for new shop owners too.

A shortcoming of the software is the lack of variety in terms of product selection. However, you’ll come across some pretty cool sales graphs. 


Ecomhunt is a research tool that showcases numerous products. The interface isn’t the best but the products are good.  


With nearly ten of thousands products, this tool shows you ‘winning products’ in your chosen category. 


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