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Originally Published January 3, 2021.

These themes have now been deprecated. They have been replaced by newer themes that make use of the OS2.0 Sections Everywhere update.

It shouldn’t take an experienced developer to create a new eCommerce website. Usually, innovators and founders do not have the expertise to create an online shop from inception, but they often do not have the funds to pay tons of cash for it though.

Do not hesitate to prefer Shopify if you’re already thinking about creating your first online retail store. It is one of eCommerce’s most comfortable and secure website platform for setting up a store and creating sales quickly.

11 great & easy to use FREE Shopify themes for 2024

To draw in more clients and prove that your goods and brands can be trusted, you will need a nice-looking store. You can change designs and features with the themes, whilst still adding your items.

A perfect way of accessing beautiful templates and intuitive features is to use free Shopify themes. You have to sign up for Shopify, submit the monthly subscription fee and simply select your template with a Shopify theme. It can sometimes be tricky to pick that best free Shopify theme.

We have assembled a list of the best free Shopify themes that you can download right now to make your store exclusive.

For mobile purchasing, all of the popular Shopify themes are totally responsive, and you get an amazing range of applications to boost the features of Shopify website.


1. Minimal

Minimal, a free Shopify theme that can’t go wrong with. It has various models, including one for antique, luxury, and music stores.

The antique and fashion are ones, pretty similar, but if you are dreaming about opening a retail shop for your band or for your solo act, its music approach is really outstanding.

There is an amazing gallery on the Minimal theme that promotes broad pictures of your best items. This gallery goes on your home page to increase the conversions and give a perfect intro to your items.

Free Shopify themes

2. Brooklyn

Brooklyn, another theme developed by Shopify. Its mobile responsive design approach enables great navigation even on cellular devices.

One of the key aspects is the headers slideshow, as it helps you to highlight different items at the top of your homepage. Two different styles are provided by the Brooklyn Shopify theme.

The first one, called Classic, is perfect for modern fashion stores or any form of clothing shop. The second one, called Playful, it presents a more niche variation of the template, with vivid colours that would look perfect for a bakery shop or kids clothing store.

3. Simple

Since the minimal storefront design is tidy and elegant, the Simple theme has a cool spot-on tag, you can sell a wide collection of items with this one.

This simple and minimalist style is really easy to set up to get your eCommerce up and running fast, while providing the simple functionality you need.

The product image zoom function is also included in the theme, giving your consumers clearer views of your products. For any enterprise that doesn’t want a messy website, it works.

4. Supply

The product theme must be on your list of theme choices if you plan to create an online shop that sells vast quantities of inventory.

Supply theme has social media icons, color palettes, homepage, and a mobile-friendly interface. Another fascinating aspect is that it allows you to enable filters to classify the product pages by brand, price, and other personalised choices for your clients.

It also has an easy integration with the Product Review app, which enables you to add consumer rating feature for the product.

5. Narrative

The Narrative theme was built on a single page to feature a product and illustrate all of its advantages and features. It’s a theme that comes with various colours in several designs.

It’s great for smaller firms or entrepreneurs who are just getting started. For visual narration, the Narrative theme functions beautifully. From block-quotes to photos, you can customise anything, taking your clients into your brand’s story.

6. Boundless

Boundless theme makes photos of your merchandise the focus of your online shop. You should do it regardless of whether you sell bikes or sweets, since it’s pretty minimalist. When you have perfect photos on your website, Boundless is a great option.

A spectacular header region, with room for a large icon that takes up much of the frame. The theme has icons for social media, several vibrant colours, and multiple personalized content areas on the homepage.

7. Debut

With an almost vintage configuration that looks identical to a blog or a business website, the Debut theme has a very simplistic style. The theme is totally adaptive and includes social media icons on sites such as Facebook and Twitter to connect.

The slideshow gallery on the homepage has adaptive streaming. Plus, on the desktop and tablet, it looks fantastic. Shopify itself distributes and promotes this theme.

8. Venture

Venture is a free Shopify theme with a simple outdoor feel. If your item addresses the categories of sports and adventures, it’s a perfect option. For outdoor adventures and extreme sports, the Venture Shopify theme is your easiest free solution.

Remember that this theme has been created for drop shipping stores with a variety of items, so it might not be the best choice if you have only a few products. In its drop-down area, the links provide far more product information.

So, you can view product details and photos right from the menu, leading to more information being provided to the user.

9. Thalia

Thalia, a free Shopify theme that is suitable for fashion stores, but is versatile enough for every wide range of use cases to work effectively.

It includes an optional adaptive slideshow, specialized filters and swatches, and even a slide-out cart.  Through color, typography, and other settings, the theme is totally customisable.

10. Annabelle

For a while, Annabelle has been around and it’s always a free and strong option to the choices Shopify offers. The theme interface gives you comprehensive control throughout its style and actions, helping you to create a unique experience in online shopping.

The flexibility of this concept and how it suits a diverse eCommerce range was shown by three style presets.

11. Express

Express is a special free theme for Shopify that you can download directly from the list of Shopify themes.

It brings a wonderfully unique interface for the homepage that helps you to elegantly highlight your menu. Many baking shops and coffee houses online appear the same.

Rarely do people remember those websites. This Shopify style will certainly help if you want to make a lasting impact on your audience.

Previously, we also looked at the free Shopify theme Debutify. You can read more about this free Shopify theme here.