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10 Useful Google Chrome Apps for Shopify Stores

Google Chrome apps

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10 Useful Google Chrome Apps for Shopify Stores

The internet is a great way to help you work more efficiently, save money and protect your personal information.

Google Chrome extensions are third-party applications that allow you to tailor the way you use the web.

What are Google Chrome extensions?

Google Chrome extensions or Chrome add-ons are apps or programs you can install in your Google Chrome browser to further its functionality. They offer ways to increase your productivity whilst surfing the web.

For example, finding discounts for websites whilst you shop or taking a screenshot of the webpage you are looking at, all directly in the Chrome browser.

10 of the best Google Chrome apps

We’re going to take you through the best Google Chrome apps that will help you be more productive and organized, whilst being safe and secure.

1. Koala Inspector – Shopify & Dropship Spy Tool

Koala Inspector Google Chrome apps

It’s one of the best Google Chrome apps that is great if you want to find out what platform a website is built on. If you see a website design that you really love, this tool with show the platform, as well as the theme used.

You can see what recent products have been added to the store and its best selling items. Koala Inspector works well alongside DSer’s product importer extension, meaning you can beat your competitors.

2. DSers – AliExpress.com Product Importer

DSers chrome app

DSers helps you to source popular products to sell online. It lets you easily import products from suppliers quickly. As DSers is a dropshipping app, you can find trending products to sell online and add them to your Shopify store.

There is no worry about having to stock products physically; you don’t have to worry about packaging or shipping the products. It means you can have your Shopify store up and running in no time.

3. Buffer

Buffer chrome apps

Buffer is a powerful social media tool that lets you manage multiple social media accounts. You can schedule post updates to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.

Buffer is placed in the toolbar so when you land on a page that you’d like to share. Just simply click the icon and schedule your update.

4. FoxClocks

FoxClocks app

FoxClocks is a Google Chrome app that shows all the time zones from around the world. This is the perfect app for you if you work with a global team.

It automatically checks for updates to the time zone database, so you can always be sure you’re on time.

5. Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App


Grammarly is a fantastic chrome extension that checks the grammar and spelling of everything you write online. You never have to worry about typos or grammar mistakes again.

It will also offer grammar and wording suggestions too. It’s free to install but does have a premium tier with extra features.

6. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote web clipper google chrome apps

Evernote is a fantastic way to collect and organize resources and notes online. You can sync documents across all your devices and lets you save web content to your Evernote notebook.

It also lets you save full articles, screenshots and more. You can annotate screenshots within your browser too.

7. AdBlock — best ad blocker

Adblocker google chrome app

AdBlock is one of the best Google Chrome apps blocks ad content from known ad servers and providers.

You can opt to continue seeing ads, whitelist your favourite websites or block all ads by default.

8. Honey: Automatic Coupons & Rewards

Honey app

Honey is a discount Chrome extension that pops up during checkout on a store. It searches the web for discount codes that you can apply to your shopping cart in just one click.

It’s the perfect app for those that don’t want to receive lots of discount emails.

9. SEO Minion

SEO Minion app

SEO Minion helps you in your daily SEO tasks. Easily analyze the HTML of any webpage and view useful information that will help you optimize on-page SEO.

With SERP preview, you can preview your website on a real Google search and update this in real time. See how well your web pages rank and any improvements that can be made to them.

10. ColorPick Eyedropper

Colorpick eyedropper app

ColorPick Eyedropper is a Google Chrome app that allows you to select colors from webpages and more.

If you see a color on a website that you really like and you want to know what it is, you can use this tool to help you.

A round-up of the 10 best Google Chrome apps

We hope the above Google Chrome apps will help elevate your Shopify store. These 10 best apps are the ones we think your Shopify store will benefit from having installed on your Chrome browser.

These apps will help to get your store found on Google and rank well.

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